Peacock Feathers



Have you ever tried giving your gliders a feather to play with? Man are you in for a treat! These adorable little hunters are so cute to watch as they chase around feathers! The Pet Glider offers all-natural Peacock feathers and Goose Feathers for you and your suggies to play with. Drag them across the floor during tent time, or along the bars of their cage to watch your gliders stalk and pounce like a cat! Or try attaching the stem of a feather into one of their cage toys and leave it there for a whole night of fun!

Enrichment time (like playing with feathers) is so important to keep active minds engaged. There is a huge variety of different objects and games you can use to stimulate your sugar gliders' brains! Organic Eucalyptus is fun to peel back and chew on. Toy boxes are a real crowd favorite - jam-packed with awesome treasures to dig around for and little toys to scatter around! We have several organic dried flowers on our website that you can scatter around your glider's cage to intrigue their sense of smell. Just like all people do not enjoy all spices, some gliders don't love certain flowers - and that's part of the fun with enrichment objects! You are continually providing new and exciting things for your gliders to be curious about! Try all kinds of different enrichment products to see which ones make your babies go wild! Each new experience that your sugar gliders encounter is a fun opportunity to engage those senses and explore something that they have to inspect and think about. Get creative at home and see what objects you can use for games that your gliders love!

They are sanitized using high-temperature steam, for the protection of your sugar bears!
5 feathers per bag, roughly 10 to 12 inches in length

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