Toy Box With Toys Included

Type: Toy Box without Cork


Sugar gliders love little toys that they can toss around their cage during playtime and bring back to their sleeping pouches with them. These curious animals are real collectors by nature! Gliders in the wild are opportunistic feeders (meaning they will scavenge for the most convenient food available) so they naturally search around to see what prized objects they come across! They also love to build up their nests with some of their fav finds, so sometimes you may catch your gliders taking little items that they really enjoy back to their pouch with them! Your suggies will be so excited to explore all the wonderful toys inside their new toy box! Gather up all the pieces in the morning and place them back into the box for another night of guaranteed fun!

Our toy boxes are made with a random assortment of knick knacks. They usually will include some plastic animals and figurines, a couple of bracelet rings, a collection of charms, some whistles, a few treasure chests, maybe some maracas, and a Chinese finger trap! Your box might include an extra surprise as well! Which pieces will be your gliders' favorite?

Be sure to also check out our Sugar Glider Ball Pit for another stimulating activity box! Filled with fun plushy ball toys for your sugar bears to scatter around their cage or take back to their pouch and nest with. They love the soft texture and the different sizes of balls found within our ball pit.

These items can also be used as puzzle boxes to hide live mealies inside of and create an interesting game for your gliders to try and find where their treats are buried! The excitement just keeps going!

Approximate Dimensions: 6" Width x 3" Height x 3" Depth.

Disclaimer: Each of our handmade products are unique and will vary slightly.

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