The Pet Glider was founded over 21 years ago. Priscilla Price, the founder, started raising several small colonies of sugar gliders as a hobby. Educated information on caring for sugar gliders; how to feed a quality diet, how to bond and handle them did not exist at that time.  Her passion for sugar gliders and their care drove her to concentrate on educating new owners. Soon she had clientele visiting her home on a regular basis to learn about the gliders.  She would babysit clients sugar gliders; one holiday season she had gliders from 25 clients in her home for the week. She has also done extensive work with rescues. Many of those rescues had been neglected and were in bad physical condition. Priscilla, along with her vet, learned about sugar gliders from these rescues, about their health, diet and medical care. Priscilla’s small collection of sugar gliders has grown over the years to include some of the rarest sugar glider colors in the world. ​She started the TPG Pedigree Program, a program for keeping track of sugar glider genetics throughout the world.  ​She is ​known as one of the foremost authorities in sugar glider husbandry.

TPG strongly advocates environmental enrichment for sugar gliders. It was natural decision for us to acquire a toy making company focused on making all-natural toys for sugar glider habitats. Our natural toys are made from cork bark, eucalyptus, gourds, coconuts and more.

When The Pet Glider was still breeding we proudly fed “The Pet Glider Fresh Diet”, (commonly referred to as the TPG Diet and the Priscilla Price Diet), in addition to The Pet Glider Vitamins; a multi vitamin, multi mineral with calcium supplement for sugar gliders. Both were created by Priscilla Price, with guidance from our veterinarian.  This diet and the TPG multi vitamins were fed to our gliders for over 21 years.  It is one of the most popular diets for sugar gliders worldwide. 

Today we are no longer breeding sugar gliders, The Pet Glider now Focuses on Sugar Glider Nutrition and Toys. We continue to design new toys and work with seamstresses to provide stunning and safe products of the highest quality for our customers and their Glider family.

Here at The Pet Glider, we are a group of individuals who share a love of animals, especially sugar gliders.

Priscilla Price – Founder & Owner