Your new pets are guaranteed to arrive safe and healthy, for 72 hours. These are live animals whose care we cannot guarantee after they are received, their health and care is entirely your responsibility. You may click here to read The Pet Glider’s guarantee regarding all Sugar Glider sales. The Pet Glider does not accept any returns of sugar gliders, and does not issue any refunds for sugar gliders or related shipping or veterinary charges after you have received your gliders.

All sugar gliders have a non-refundable deposit of $100. This deposit will be applied towards the gliders total cost. If you purchase sugar glider(s) and pay their full price, know that the deposit has been incorporated into that price. If you later decide to cancel your transaction, $100 per glider will be withheld from the refunded amount. This fee goes towards the cost of housing and feeding our sugar gliders during the period of time between your initial purchase and the later decision to cancel the sale. We have a maximum holding policy of 30 days for all reserved gliders (joeys will be held until they are old enough to ship). If you fail to pay your remaining balance with us (including shipping fees) or fail to respond to our attempts to contact you during this timeframe, your sale may be canceled by The Pet Glider staff and your deposit(s) will be lost. If shipping cannot be arranged on our end, we will extend this holding period and work with you to obtain your gliders as quickly as possible. However, if we are unable to reach you for more than 1 week or if you decide that you don’t want to wait for an available flight to be coordinated, your deposit(s) will be lost.

The Pet Glider reserves the right to deny sales at our discretion. If our team is uncomfortable selling sugar glider(s) to you, we will refund 100% of what you spent on your glider purchase and cancel the sale.



The Pet Glider’s return policy on products – all unwanted items must be returned in unused condition to get reimbursed for you order. We cannot refund any food, treats, or nutritional items. Your refund will not include the cost of shipping (either $5.95 standard shipping charge, or the actual cost that The Pet Glider paid to ship your products, whichever is greater). Returned products must be returned to our facility within 14 days of purchase.

If you receive the wrong item or a damaged item, The Pet Glider will send you a return label so that you may ship back the item, and we will get the correct product which you ordered sent out at no additional charge. If you decide that you do not want an item that you purchased, shipping charges will be your responsibility to handle.
If any items you received are defective or damaged, you must contact us within 2 business days of receiving your package to request a refund. The Pet Glider will not reimburse any items after a period of 2 business days. The Pet Glider management reserves the right to deny a refund request at our discretion.


Mailing issues

Please contact The Pet Glider for any items lost or damaged in the mail. If you believe your order was lost, please wait 1 full business day before contacting us. Many times these lost packages will show up within a few days after they were marked as delivered. If your package is indeed lost, or if your package was damaged during transit, we will make a claim with the mailing service about your order and reship the necessary items to you. Photos of damage must be provided for a claim to be made.
If the address you entered upon checkout was incorrect, please CALL us at 713-446-4415 to see if we can change your address on file before the package goes out. Once the order has been shipped, The Pet Glider is not responsible for change of address. You must contact the mailing service to see if the package can be intercepted. If any rejected mail pieces arrive back at The Pet Glider, we can charge you for another shipping fee and reship your items out to you.