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The Pet Glider Online Pedigree Program

Welcome to the online Sugar Glider Pedigree Database!

The Pet Glider is pleased to make available the Pedigree Database for domestic and international sugar glider owners and breeders. The program is free to use, and is open to all owners and breeders. With each entry, we get a better picture of the sugar glider population as a whole. By connecting these pedigrees together, one giant pedigree is created with sugar gliders from around the world.

In the common interest of better breeding, healthy sugar gliders, and informed owners/breeders, we ask all users to use this tool respectfully to insure the quality and accuracy of the lineage. The database is an invaluable resource open to the public. As such, The Pet Glider reserves the right to challenge and verify records, and to remove inaccurate or falsified records. Accounts found intentionally falsifying records will be disabled.

Using the Database

Below is a quick video hilighting how to register, add yourself or others as owner/breeders, and register your sugar gliders!

Here are several helpful pieces of advice that make using the Pedigree Database a smoother process for yourself and all users.

Collect all of the information regarding the sugar glider you plan on registering ahead of time. If there is a part you don't know, such as the mother/father or genetic background, contact the breeder.

When naming your sugar glider, consider adding a "tag" or signature at the end of each glider. We realize that, with the amount of sugar gliders registered in the databse, unique names aren't always possible, but adding your initials or business name at the end can help distinguish your glider. For example, our gliders have "TPG" at the end, which helps us identify our gliders when selecting parents.

Virtual Mating: If you would like to test out the COI of a particular pairing, use the Virtual Mating feature to perform a quick test without having to register a "test" glider. This will keep the database clear of a wide variety of test joeys. If you do have a test joey created, please delete it from the database once you have gathered your data.

The COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) percentage is based on the lineage at the time of calculation. Subsequent changes to lineage of a particular glider will affect COIs down the chain of descendance. Recalculate your glider's COI using the link next to the heading "Inbred Percentage" on their pedigree page.

The remarks section is ideal for information about changes to that particular glider, such as "neutered," "proved out," "deceased," etc. Consider updating your glider's remarks as changes occur.

The person who registers the glider is the "record owner." The record owner can edit the sugar glider's data fields. If you your sugar glider was registered for you, i.e. by the breeder, and you would like changes to be made, please contact the party that registered the glider. The Pet Glider can also edit entries; If you are not able to contact the original party that registered the glider in a reasonable amount of time, you can contact us to make changes. We reserve the right to independently verify and confirm any suggested changes.

Uploading pictures is a great way to show off your glider, and is recommended especially if the glider is a mosaic/piebald so that it's particular coloration can be noted. Pictures should be in JPG format, 800 x 600 or smaller. If you are unable to upload a picture, try reducing the size of the file.

We hope that this information helps when registering your glider and using the database. If you have any questions about the information here, or have other information that you would like to suggest for updates, please contact us.