Cork Enrichment Bundle



If your gliders have never experienced cork they are in for a blast! First thing you'll notice is that gliders will want to inspect it right away, the natural rough texture of cork bark can help wear down sharp glider nail tips if your glider climbs on the toy enough. You can spray a little bonding potion on a toy to entice them to spend more time on a toy. This bundle also comes with our toy box WITH CORK, it's expected to see little bits of cork at the bottom of their tray because they'll definitely be chewing on the pieces. You can also throw a few flowers into their toybox to add an extra sensory experience to play time.

Provide many toys with different textures and shapes to keep your gliders cage exciting and enriching! Keep in mind gliders use their nose to forage as much as they do their eyes!

This Bundle includes: 

Natural Cork Swing (Small) 

Cork Critter 

2 Tier Waterfall Toy 

Organic Calendula

Toy Box With Toys Included

Peacock Feathers

(Flower variety and toy colors will vary.)


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