Eucalyptus Enrichment Bundle




Eucalyptus trees are part of sugar gliders' natural habitat in the wild, your glider will feel at home surrounded by all of these eucalyptus toys! Scatter them around the cage or put them all close together to make a little jungle gym where they can chew and climb until bedtime. You may not notice the faint smell of eucalyptus but your glider will surely enjoy the light natural smell that comes from natural eucalyptus toys. Introducing toys that are safe to chew can keep your glider from chewing up other things like their wheel and plastic toys! Feathers are an item that a glider would come across while exploring their eucalyptus forests. Some gliders even act like a cat when you wave a peacock feather in their face, they'll try to pounce, grab and chew at the feather in curious delight! Grab this toy bundle and let your glider experience the best that nature has to offer.

1 Tier Eucalyptus Triangle Toy 

Climb High Euc Swing

Extra Thick Euc Swings 

Peacock Feathers 

Eucalyptus Chew Sticks 

Organic Calendula

(Flower variety and toy colors will vary.)

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