Healthy treats are a great way to add excitement to a sugar glider’s overall diet and to help build a deeper bond between you and your glider! They receive the bulk of their nutrients from their main meal, so it's important that they are eating their dinner everyday. But you wouldn't want to eat the same thing everyday with no cookies or candies, right? So we can give tasty treats on the side to provide our suggies with variety and excitement!

Now treats are important but we don't want to go crazy with them! These guys are your babies. Remember that moderation is very important with animals, especially omnivores! You want to make sure that they don't fill up on favorite snacks and ignore their dinner. That dinner ensures that they're getting a variety in nutrients (not just eating 1 type of fruit) and all the essential vitamins that they need! These tiny guys can very easily become overweight and unhealthy from too many goodies. So make sure that you, as their parent, know when they've had enough for today!

Treats should always be fed in small quantities and only on occasion. If you’re using treats for bonding, only do so once a day. Give very small pieces at a time to make them last longer. If you use treats for foraging enrichment, hide a few small pieces around their cage per day. Or you can give slightly larger quantities if you don't use treats daily! Just remember that gliders have small little tummies. If they're full on treats, then there's no room in the belly for their main food.



Hearty, favorite treats include various fresh fruits, dehydrated fruits, live insects (mealworms, dubia roaches etc), & pet-safe yogurt drops!


Fruits are natural and the healthiest treat you can feed your babies. Some favorites include watermelons (no seeds), apple slices, bananas (Caramel gliders love bananas), and mangoes. Fresh fruits are great to add to the TPG (The Pet Glider) diet mix. Dehydrated fruits are also fine for Sugar Gliders as long as it's organic (no added sugars) and given in very small pieces. Please remember to remove any seeds before giving to your gliders!
Pet safe yogurt drops and regular yogurt drops are not the same. Pet safe yogurt drops have a significantly lower amount of sugar. There is less calcium and more protein added. And the sizes of drops are different as well. It's important that you feed your gliders pet-only yogurt drops, in small amounts.
Sugar Gliders are opportunistic omnivores. They'll eat what they can find in the wild, and that includes insects! The Pet Glider only feeds one type of insect: mealworms! Our gliders absolutely LOVE them. Mealworms provide a good boost of protein and gliders really enjoy to eat them live! There are other insects that you can feed your gliders as well. Make sure that you are careful with the amount of fatty insects that you give your gliders! As a general rule, we do not feed more than 10 mealworms per day. Also be cautious of biting insects like superworms which can cause injury to your gliders! The Pet Glider does NOT recommend feeding superworms at all.

Canned fruits, seeds, bread, chocolate, and any type of candy is dangerous for gliders and should NOT be fed under any circumstances. The Pet Glider does not feed our gliders any nuts or honeyDo NOT feed your gliders any bird seed mixes.

The Pet Glider sells various treats on our website! All of our fruit treats are dehydrated fruit with no added sugars. Our yogurt drops are 100% pet safe.

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