Sugar Gliders are very clever animals that thrive when their brains are stimulated. Whether it’s working on their bond with you, playing with toys, or simply exploring a new interesting stimulus, these devious little fur-balls are always looking for something fun to do! Gliders love toys that make noise, toys that are soft, toys they can chew, and toys they can carry back to their sleeping pouch. 


The Pet Glider carries all types of toys that are safe and fun for your gliders! All Sugar Gliders have different interests and personalities. Some might prefer one set of toys, others might just prefer to run in their wheel! The key is to give them a variety to see what they like. Wheels are absolutely mandatory for every cage since these guys are such high-energy animals and they need the opportunity to be able to run! Besides the wheel, you can switch toys around often to keep them interested and entertained!

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Cork is a great enrichment toy for all gliders! They love to jump and climb on their toys, and the cork will help wear down their nails as they run on it. All natural cork is also an excellent substance for them to chew on! Chewing is a natural behavior and your suggies need a safe way to exercise this instinct. The Pet Glider makes our toys with natural, organic cork bark. Our toys are hand crafted with expert care and sure to make your sugar bears bounce for joy!
Eucalyptus trees are the natural habitat for Sugar Gliders. In fact, that's where they got their name from! Gliders are known to peel back the bark on the eucalyptus trees and drink the tree sap (mistaken for "sugar"). Gliders in the wild will often chew on eucalyptus wood and take the leaves back to their nesting area. They love the smell, and chewing helps their teeth as well. (Psst, it's also a natural bug repellent!) You can purchase bundles of organic eucalyptus from our website. Just simply place the sticks/branches in the cage, and watch them go nuts! We also offer a variety of original toys made from eucalyptus branches. All of our eucalyptus toys are 100% organic and 100% fun for your babies!
Always make sure that you purchase your eucalyptus from a reputable source, meaning no pesticides are used. Also be sure to wash your branches before placing them in the cage.
Natural Items
Having similar benefits to the cork and eucalyptus toys, you can buy a variety of natural based items such as our Gourd and Coconut toys! If you're ever looking to buy or make new toys for your suggies, make sure that you're purchasing items from an approved source. There are many woods and natural items that may be poisonous to gliders, so be very careful and always do your research!
Plastic chains, bracelet rings, dangly charms, foraging cups... there's so many plastic toys out there that are glider safe and loads of fun! It's so entertaining to watch these little fur-babies grab onto their toys and try to move them around. Here's a neat tip: place a toy with plastic pulley chains near their sleeping pouch. When you look back in the morning, you'll likely see the chain dragged inside their pouch! Gliders typically like to take things back to their pouch (or nest) to collect in their happy place. Plastic is the easiest toy to clean and usually most cost efficient. You'll never have to struggle to find these types of toys for your babies! Remember to always toss out any chewed plastic or small bits leftover at the bottom of the cage. 
Fleece is commonly used for Sugar Gliders since it doesn't fray like other fabrics. (Meaning if you cut it, there won't be strips coming off the ends.) It also has unique properties and wicks moisture (moisture passes through it). Sugar Gliders love to bury their faces in anything soft, that's why The Pet Glider carries fleece sleeping pouches, bonding pouches, and a variety of fleece toys! There are different types of fleece that exist, but the most popular choice for gliders is Anti-Pill Fleece.
Raptor Wheel
One of the most important toys you can get for your gliders is a wheel! A Sugar Glider safe wheel is a total must. The Pet Glider carries the Raptor Wheel brand, a completely safe wheel that will last your gliders a lifetime. Your wheel should be completely flat on the back (having no bar or bearing mechanism in the middle) and the tracks should be mesh, allowing debris to fall through. 
DIY Toys
Of course, you're more than welcome to make your own toys!! You can do a combination of cork + fleece, eucalyptus + fleece, plastic chains + coconuts... the possibilities are endless! Sugar Gliders are highly curious animals and love to mess with things. So the more they get to do, the better! Try some different combos to see which items your gliders love the most!