Texas Toy Box - Natural Foraging



Transport your gliders to a forest-like adventure with an array of natural materials to chew, smell, and break apart. The gourd that holds the toys isn't just a container—it's a key part of the enrichment. Sugar gliders love pulling apart the fibers lining the inside of the gourd, creating a delightful sensory experience.

Every natural material in the Texas Toy Box offers a unique texture and subtle scent, engaging your gliders' senses of hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Hunting for hidden treats becomes the ultimate adventure with these crunchy, textured toys designed to be destroyed and enjoyed by your gliders (or other pets).

Give your gliders some Texas-sized fun today!

Gourd: Approximately  9” x 6.5” in

This Texas Toy Box is made from all natural materials so size and shape of each individual item may vary from photos

Contains: Eucalyptus Wood, Corn Husk, Sola stem, Cork bark, Sunflower Head, Bel Cup, Glider safe cardboard donuts and tube, Peacock and goose feather, .5 oz of Dried organic chrysanthemum, woven palm leaf, Mahogany pod, Climbing Rottan stem, Dried vines, Dyed Jute sticks

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