Small Enrichment Bundle



This Small Enrichment Bundle comes with comes with Goose Feathers and dried flowers, which are a sensory experience for gliders! These items are safe for gliders to chew and make a good toy box addition! You can make a fun enrichment activity by threading the goose feathers through to holes of the chain for your glider to have fun pulling out! Foraging is also part of fun enrichment activities, put treats in the gourd forager cups for your fuzzy pals to look for. Finally, the coconut cave is fun to climb up and relax in after a long night of play, glider also love to strip off all of the coconut cave fibers! In the wild gliders come across 100's of different natural materials and smells, fill their cage with a variety of textured to make exploring their home more exciting.

Natural Gourd Cup Forager 

Goose Feathers 
(Flower variety and toy colors will vary.)

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