Deposits & Health Guarantee

Deposits and Health Guarantee


Deposits are non-refundable and may vary according to the value of your glider(s).

Deposits required may be a minumum of $100 or 25% of the actual cost for more expensive glider(s). Gliders not paid in full in 4 weeks may lose all money down unless the glider is not old enough to leave home. For male gliders, the glider(s) must be paid for in full before their scheduled neuter date. 

Please contact us if you need to make new arrangements and we will work with you.

Health Guarantee

Here at The Pet Glider we pride ourselves on the health of our Joeys.

*In order to qualify for The Pet Glider Health Guarantee, all conditions following must be met and proper documentation of proof supplied.

All Pet Glider Joeys come with a 72 hour Health Guarantee. 

The Pet Glider guarantees you will receive a healthy, fully weaned Joey.

*A wellness check and fecal float/smear are required within 72 hours of the Joey arriving to your home. Sooner if ANY signs of illness are shown.  

If there are any health related issues raised at the Wellness Checkup, and it can be traced back to The Pet Glider, we will cover the cost of medications given at that time. (Veterinarian reports must be provided to The Pet Glider.) Payment will be made directly to performing veterinarian ONLY.

Office visits or other treatments such as blood work, x-rays, etc. will be the new owners responsibility unless previous written arrangements have been made.

If your Sugar Glider becomes ill within the first 72 hours, you must contact The Pet Glider and your veterinarian immediately. 

It is Your responsibility to watch for stressors and stress symptoms. 

Should symptoms arise, purchaser is responsible to get the glider to a Veterinarian immediately. 

All Veterinarian bills incurred for stress related illness are the sole responsibility of purchaser.

This health guarantee does not cover trauma or stress related illnesses of any kind.

This guarantee does not cover accidents, negligence or mistreatment of any kind.

This guarantee does not cover deaths or illnesses due from transportation issues, heat exhaustion, dehydration, or starvation.

This health guarantee does not cover illness due to poor housing conditions or illnesses brought on due to environmental temperatures (being too hot, too cold, or drafty).

This health guarantee does not cover illnesses due from sudden dietary changes.

In the case of death of a Sugar Glider within the 72 hour time frame, a full necropsy and history from a veterinarian, experienced in sugar glider care, will be required. If death is traced back to the fault of The Pet Glider, a replacement or refund, at the discretion of The Pet Glider, may be provided.