Trash Can Toy

Style: Waste


What on earth would your gliders be doing with a trash can you ask? Suggie business, of course!! These little garbage can toys are the perfect size for your gliders to tuck down inside and hide. Sugar gliders love snug spaces where they feel secure and sneaky! They might take some of their toys down in this can. Or you can use it for foraging!

These little guys thrive when we give them foraging puzzles to explore! In the wild they scavenge for the most convenient food source available, so they have a natural drive to sniff and search around to see what goodies they can come across. Scattering treats around their environment encourages your gliders to "hunt" for their food, keeping their senses sharp and their minds active.
There are countless ways that you can set up enriching foraging obstacles for your sugar bears! These trash can toys can hold a yoggie drop, a few mealies, or any tasty treat that your sugar bears love. You can easily move the can anywhere in the cage, and your suggies will have to sniff out the location before they can climb down in there to enjoy their reward!

We also offer a variety of our toys with foraging cups attached so you can hide treats in different spots all over your gliders' cage for nightly foraging fun! You can cycle out the toys in your cage regularly so your suggies will ALWAYS be investigating their surroundings, and you'll have them on their toes to see where those treats are hidden tonight!!

Trash can toy may be delivered with a lid and/or wheel attachment, but don't worry! Your gliders won't be wheeling around their trash! We do recommend removing the lid from the can for safety reasons.
Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 5"

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