TPG Sugar Glider Brunch - 3 Pounds

Size: 3 Pounds


TPG Glider Brunch
Limited ingredients, specially formulated as a healthy all day brunch snack for your special sugar gliders.Taste great, small sized for a sugar glider. Keep Sugar Glider Brunch available for your gliders at all times. It’s an “all day sugar glider brunch snack”. TPG Sugar Glider Brunch is available for your gliders in between their main meal, the TPG Diet - also known as their home cooked meal. Feed in small amounts, change Glider Brunch daily; sugar gliders love fresh food! We only serve the best!

Sugar glider Brunch can be kept at room temperature, in cool dry area, for up to 6 months. Please adhere to "best by" date on packaging.
Brunch can be frozen in an air tight container to maintain full shelf life of one year.
Serving size is 1 teaspoon per glider.

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