Sugar Glider Ball Pit



If you haven’t tried a ball pit in your sugar gliders' cage then you are seriously missing out! It's basically the equivalent to them as our playground ball pits are to us - and who doesn't love to dive into one of those?? It only makes sense that our sugar bears would enjoy diving into their very own pit of pom pom fluff! Watch them climb in and get lost in all the fuzz! You can even drop a dry treat or two in there for some extra foraging fun!
Don’t be surprised to hear that they also love throwing the balls all over the place during playtime. Suggies love to scatter little objects all around their cage and sometimes even bring a few poms back to their pouch to snuggle! They love to "build up their nests" with soft plushy items. Gather up all the poms in the morning and place them back into the box for another night of guaranteed fun!
Ball pits offer a great addition to cage floors. They're the perfect option for a smaller enclosure or isolation cage.
Approximate Dimensions: 6" Width x 3" Height x 3" Depth

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These curious little animals are fantastic collectors by nature. Wild sugar gliders are opportunistic feeders (meaning they scavenge around for the most convenient food available) so they will naturally search for any prized objects that they may come across! Keep their minds active by providing different stimulating toys and creating puzzles in your cage to make some fun in searching for treats! The excitement never ends with these clever little cuties!

Disclaimer: Please be advised that our pom-pom ball pit is designed for supervised playtime only. While every effort has been made to ensure the safety of our product, there is a risk of small pieces becoming frayed and potentially presenting a choking hazard or a string being wrapped around a toe. Therefore, it is imperative that sugar gliders are closely supervised by a responsible adult during play. We recommend inspecting the ball pit regularly for any signs of wear or damage, and removing any damaged or frayed pom poms immediately. By engaging in play with our pom-pom ball pit, you acknowledge and accept these risks, and agree to supervise sugar gliders at all times while using this product. Check out our cuddle balls if you are looking for a ball pit to leave in your sugar gliders cage unsupervised. 

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