Starry Corn Husk



Have your Gliders ever tried playing with a Starry Corn Husk? Watch them get their hands all over this toy trying to figure out what it is and if they can snack on it! Luckily this toy is glider safe to chew, but they'll soon find it's much more entertaining to tear and rip this toy apart, to reach the colorful Vine Stars in the middle! They'll have to get through and rip off all of the corn husks first though! Just as gliders LOVE to unbraid the finger traps, gliders love to unravel the vine stars and chew on the crunchy materials.

In the wild gliders are surrounded by hundreds of different smells, textures, and snacks. Provide them with various glider safe materials to engage with and make playtime enriching to all of their senses. No bored gliders here!

You will receive ONE Starry Corn Husk.

4”x 4.5”

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