Sample - Glider Biscuits



At The Pet Glider we offer glider biscuits as a part of the TPG complete diet plan that all of our sugar gliders eat! This sample pack is a great trial size to try out glider biscuits with your sugar gliders 

Glider biscuits consist of 25% protein and act as a dental guard to help keep your sugar glider's teeth clean and healthy. Glider biscuits are not a nutritional requirement, however, we do recommend leaving a staple cereal as well as a glider biscuit available for your gliders to snack on between daily meals. 

Sugar Glider Brunch cereal and Glider Biscuits may be offered together in the same bowl, available in your gliders' cage at all times. Food and bowl should be replaced daily for freshness.

Click here for more information on the TPG diet

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