Raptor Wheel

Raptor Wheel

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Wheels are made to order - please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping. You will receive a tracking number when your wheel has shipped. Thank you for your patience! 

Sugar gliders are very active animals. As such, no cage is complete without an exercise wheel! Make sure your little nightly jogger is a silent runner with the #1 choice for sugar glider safe wheels - The Raptor Wheel!

All of our Raptor Wheels are handmade, designed with the Sugar Glider's safety as the top priority!! Below are some of the unique features which make this the #1 sugar glider wheel on the market:

  • - Flat internal design with absolutely no moving mechanisms that could catch your gliders' tails or fragile patagiums as they run
  • - 12" diameter for adequate space (sugar gliders hop through the center when they run)
  • - Mesh tracks to provide grips for your gliders' comfort
  • - Nail trimming inserts for a buffering on those suggie nails while they run
  • - Interchangeable with the PVC stand or Cage Mount attachment, for flexibility in cage placement
  • - Available in Stainless Steel tracks for extra durability!

This handsome wheel is the only one of it's kind with guaranteed glider safety, silent movement, and it comes in a variety of colors to choose from! Measures roughly 16 inches tall, 12.5 inches across, and 9.5 inches deep, with 5 inches of track space for your gliders. It is available in red, yellow, green, blue & black. You have a choice in track material between a sturdy plastic mesh, or upgraded durability with the stainless steel mesh! You can also choose to have a white PVC stand or a cage-mount on the back of the wheel, depending if you want to stand the wheel on the floor of your cage or hang along the bars. *The manufacturer no longer produces the old design of "vertical" or "horizontal" cage mounts, but now makes a universal mount! This attaches to any cage, no matter the direction of your bars.