Peanut Butter Drop Treat

Packaging Options: Non-Insulated


Notice: Peanut Butter Drops will melt during extreme heat in transit. If this happens, simply clip off small pieces to give to your Suggies. Buy at your own risk!

Oh, you're in for a treat, my friend! 🎉 Picture this: You're in the bonding Tent with your fur baby, using the  Bonding Mitt, and you whip out those Peanut Butter Drops! 🥜🐾 Brace yourself for some serious glider action! It's gonna be a wild and tasty bonding adventure!

Net Weight: 4 oz/113 g

*** If you would like to prevent the Peanut Butter drops from melting during transit, please use the Insulated Packaging option when adding this product to your cart***   

                          ***3 Bags Fit Per Insulated Packaging***

                                           (NOT INCLUDED)

                                    ***DOMESTIC ONLY ***     


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