Original Bonding Potion

With sugar gliders, the nose knows!  These wonderful animals rely heavily on their sense of smell, and this is especially true during the bonding process.  With our Original Bonding Potion™, you can provide your sugar gliders with a wonderful, plant-based spray that is calming, and safe, for both gliders and humans alike!   The spray bottle contains 2 ounces of formula.

Product instructions:


Directions for use:   It is recommended that you do your bonding during the day, when sugar gliders typically sleep, as they tend to be less active; hence easier to bond.  It is unnecessary to spray the potion onto the glider because the potion is designed to work by scent.  The animal does not need to wear it, but only needs to smell it.  This is specialized aromatherapy for small mammals.                                                                                                                    

Shake bottle well and spray 2-3 times on a paper towel and put in their sleeping place.  Spray the palms of your hands.  Hold one glider at a time cupped in your hands or in a bonding pouch still using the sprayed paper towel.  Changes to look for are less crabbing, a calmer demeanor, and licking you (when they did not before).  You may notice other improved changes in behavior.  This is a natural preservative free product. It may lose potency in six months.  Store out of direct  sunlight.  This can also be used to bond new gliders to each other using the same techniques.                                   

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Original Bonding Potion

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