Halloween Natural Gourd Forager



Sugar gliders feeling left out this Halloween? Treat them to our Spooky Fun Natural Gourd Forager! It's like trick-or-treating for gliders, with hand-cut fleece leaves hiding natural, pesticide-free gourd cups. It's chew-tastic fun they won't be able to resist, because who doesn't love a good chew! 🎃

*Foraging cups are great features to hide some of your gliders' favorite treats in. Scattering treats around their environment encourages the gliders to "hunt" for their food, keeping their senses sharp and their curious minds active! Sugar gliders in the wild are opportunistic-feeding omnivores, so this hunting behavior is something they naturally look to engage.

Approximate dimensions: 4.5" Width x 12" Height.

This TPG toy is handcrafted by our experienced toy maker, which means we can assure you close attention to detail and safety! Every toy here is made entirely from Sugar Glider safe materials that have been tried and tested within the glider community for years.

Disclaimer: Each of our custom handmade toys will vary in color, shape and size. If you prefer a certain color scheme, feel free to let us know of any preferences in the customer comments! We'll do our best to accommodate your request.

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