Natural Cork Swing (Large)



The Large Natural Cork Swing is a fun hanging platform that gliders love to bounce around on! Made with dangling charms for gliders to play with and foraging cups where you can hide tasty treats, this toy is a real crowd favorite!

  • *Cork enrichment products satisfy both climbing and chewing instincts that gliders would naturally use in the wild. It's best to always have at least 1 cork or eucalyptus toy available in the cage!
  • *Foraging cups are great features to hide some of your gliders' favorite treats in. Scattering treats around their environment encourages the gliders to "hunt" for their food, keeping their senses sharp and their curious minds active! Sugar gliders in the wild are opportunistic-feeding omnivores, so this hunting behavior is something they naturally look to engage.

Cork is a natural product so each cork toy will be unique in shape & size. Approximate Dimensions: 11" Width x 18" Height.

Disclaimer: Each of our custom handmade toys will vary in colors used & shape/size.

***If you prefer a certain color scheme, feel free to let us know of any preferences in the customer comments! We'll do our best to accommodate your request*** (NOTE SHIPPING WILL BE DELAYED FOR CUSTOM TOYS)

Wanting something more customized? Check out our Etsy Shop to see a collection of unique toys (one of a kind items are added every week!) You can also send in custom requests to our Etsy Shop! Connect here with our master toymaker to see if she can create something special for you!


Cleaning Recommendations: When you first receive your Cork Bark Swing, you will notice some dirt and potentially some small cork pieces in the bottom of the box. This is a 100% natural product and this is to be expected. Your cork has been cleaned once with non-toxic cleaner, but please feel free to clean it before use as well. We use a solution of 1 part water to 1 part to vinegar with one teaspoon of blue Dawn in a spray bottle. Let the solution soak on the toy, scrub and rinse well. We recommend hanging outside to dry. You may also perform this cleaning method as part of regular cage maintenance.

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