Nail Trimming Combo



This is a very handy kit to have. on hand! It makes nail trimmings a lot easier. 

Items included... 

Click Here To Watch A Video On How To Trim Sugar Gliders Nails

How to Trim Your Gliders Nails: Put your baby in the pouch with his/her favorite treats. Make sure that he/she is eating them before you start. Take one paw and gently close the fleece pouch around it. Snip just the tip of the nail and move on to the next. The single layer helps manipulate those tiny feet easily as there is no bulky double layer to work with. 

If your glider is resistant initially, consider getting one paw done a victory! Eventually, even the feistiest glider will hop in the pouch, knowing yummy treats are waiting. Time and patience are key. Don't try and trim your gliders nails when you are stressed out. They can sense it. Happy trimming!

You will be sent a random color pouch unless specified in order notes at checkout page.

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