Happy Hour



This Happy Hour Martini Glass is the ULTIMATE sugar glider party MUST have!! Gliders absolutely love little toys that they can scatter all over their cage during playtime and carry back to their sleeping pouches with them. Gather up all the pieces in the morning and place them back into the box for another night of guaranteed fun!
The party bowl fillers will be a random assortment of fun knick knacks. They usually will include some plastic animals and figurines, a couple of bracelet rings, some cork disk pieces, a collection of charms, whistles, a few treasure chests, maybe some maracas... and a Chinese finger trap! Your box might include an extra surprise as well! Which pieces will be your gliders' favorite?

We already know that sugar bears are great collectors... but the party bowl filled with trinkets is JUST the beginning!

*Attached to the sides of this cup are 4 foraging treat cups! Foraging cups are great features to hide some of your gliders' favorite treats in. Scattering treats around their environment encourages the gliders to "hunt" for their food, keeping their senses sharp and their curious minds active! Sugar gliders in the wild are opportunistic-feeding omnivores, so this hunting behavior is something they naturally look to engage.

*Around the stem of the martini glass we've also added 5 reset rings! Bracelet rings are a real favorite for suggies to play with. They love to use their prehensile tails to carry things around things that they enjoy. Some gliders will even crawl through these bracelets like it's a hula hoop! Having the rings clipped on the stem creates a fun puzzle for your gliders to figure out how they can detach the hoops. After a full night of fun, you can place those rings back on the Happy Hour glass to get ready for another day of festivities!

Approximate Dimensions: 6" Width x 3" Height x 3" Depth.
Disclaimer: Each of our handmade products are unique and will vary slightly.

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