Charming Ring Vine



Is your sugar glider a spunky little ball of energy? This toy is for the wild ones who love to climb, bounce around, and have an all night house party!

Sugar Gliders out in nature will run through the tall trees, jumping from branch to branch and crawling past vines. They are experts at maneuvering through obstacles with the help of their opposable thumbs and prehensile tails for extra balance! Suggies kept as pets really enjoy the opportunity to exercise these skills. Our Charming Ring Vine toy is a great hanging "vine" for them to climb on right in their own cage! Hang a few of these toys at the top of your cage to create a jungle where your glider can swing from one vine to another.

The frilly fleece strips create fun, soft, leaf-like crevices that your gliders can bury their face in and root around to find hidden charms. The bracelet rings attached to this toy are a glider favorite because they're the perfect size to fit their little body through! Some gliders will hold onto the bracelet and climb back and forth through the ring like a child jumping through a hula hoop. Sometimes they'll even hold onto the ring with their tails and trying to drag the toy around with them!

With the special charms hidden throughout the toy and bracelet rings attached all over, your gliders will have plenty to explore in these vines! Try combining this toy in your cage with our Fleece Rope toy and Jingle Jangle Dangling toy to make a real jungle gym adventure for some over-the-moon happy gliders!

These toys come with a sturdy hook attached to the top so it stays secure on your cage and allows for months of jumping, climbing, swinging parties.

Appx. Dimensions: 20" x 4"

Disclaimer: Each of our custom handmade products & toys may vary in colors, shapes & sizes. If you prefer a certain color scheme, feel free to let us know of any preferences in the customer comments! We'll do our best to accommodate your request.

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