Bonding Tent Liner ***NEW***



Use our custom Bonding Tent Liners in your Bonding Tent for a fast easy cleanup after playtime! Handling your Sugar Glider is essential to the bonding process, but some time it can be a little scare for new Suggies. But when you use our Bonding TentBonding Glove with our Bonding Potion it really eases Sugar Glider fears and anxieties while and keeps them safe and contained. and don't forget to give your fur babies a few Tasty Treats  to really win their hearts! 

Large, thick fabric pads Custom made 150cm x 200cm to fit our bonding tent
Designed to lock in moisture with waterproof backing so they won't leak.
Go green—these reusable, fabric pads feature reinforced seams so they last for many washes.


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