Travel Wheel - Baby Raptor w/ Plastic Track, Nail Trimmers & PVC Stand (Ready to Ship)



Sugar gliders are very active animals. As such, no cage is complete without an exercise wheel! This Baby Raptor Wheel is specially designed for small travel cages. If your suggies are going on a vacation, make sure to bring your baby raptor wheel to complete their temporary cage! Your little nighttime jogger can keep being a silent runner with the #1 choice for sugar glider safe wheels - The Raptor Wheels!

All of our Raptor Wheels are handmade right here in Houston by a good friend of The Pet Glider. Each wheel is designed with the Sugar Glider's safety as the top priority!! Below are some of the unique features that make this brand the #1 sugar glider wheel on the market:
  • - Flat internal design with absolutely no moving mechanisms that could catch your gliders' tails or patagiums as they run
  • - 9.5" diameter for ample running space in a temporary cage (sugar gliders hop through the center as they run so they need 12" spacious wheels for permanent living conditions)
  • - Mesh tracks to provide grips for your gliders' comfort
  • - Nail trimming inserts included for a buffering on those suggie nails 

This compact wheel measures roughly 9.5 inches in diameter, with 5 inches of track space for your gliders. It is available in black, plastic mesh track only. We sell these wheels only with the PVC stand option, however, they are adaptable to fit a universal cage mount if you already have one or would choose to add one separately. ** The reason these wheels are sold with the PVC stand is that most temporary cages have weaker bars and we do not recommend hanging a cage mount in these types of cages **

This smaller wheel design is made for the purpose of temporary housing, such as a quarantine cage or a travel cage. Please do not use this as a substitute for a full size Raptor Wheel in your gliders' permanent housing setup! If you have concerns about the size of your wheel, please do not hesitate to call a TPG associate at 713-446-4415

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