4 Piece Cage Set

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Treat your sugar gliders to a luxurious cage makeover with this glamorous 4 piece cage set! This set will come with the following fleece items:

- Poof Pouch

- Fleece Bridge 


-Fringe Rope Toy

- 12 matching C Links

These cage sets are the PERFECT thing to get you started on any new cage setup! Make sure that you also have a sugar glider safe wheel in each of your enclosures, and an enrichment toy (natural products like cork or eucalyptus) that your suggies can chew on.


Cleaning Suggestions:
You can clean your gliders' fleece products in the laundry machine with a natural, fragrance-free detergent. When cleaning your fleece items, it is best to wait 3-4 days before or after cleaning any other toys in the cage (or washing the cage itself). Gliders like to have their scent around them and if you remove their scent from everything all at once, this may encourage your gliders to mark their belongings. You can easily avoid over-marking by cleaning different items on a rotation!

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