3 Piece Leafy Hideaway Gourd Set




This unique set is made from with our plush fleece vine, and natural items adding a dazzling flare to any glider cage setup!

The leafy gourd hideaway is an excellent feature for any glider colony. Perfect for creating a cozy retreat, you can add a little pouch binkie inside to make it irresistibly snug! Then on the outside you have fun foraging cups to give them a midnight treat. Crafted from all-natural, pesticide-free gourds, these hideaways provide both a safe chewing material and a serene hideout.

Approximate dimensions: 10" Width x 14" Height. Cutout hole is 3" in diameter.

Gourd cup forager toys are a real favorite among sugar glider owners! With several treat cups to fill with delicious foraging snacks, your gliders will engage their senses just like they do in the wild. 

Approximate dimensions: 4.5" Width x 12" Height.

Don't miss out on the charming natural coconut cave, this toy features a fun ladder adorned with leaves charms. This fantastic addition lets your gliders chew on a safe, organic material while offering a snug hideaway for a perfect little escape for those gliders who LOVE their personal space and privacy.

Approximate Dimensions: 5.5" Diameter x 23" Height. Cutout hole is 3" in diameter.

Hideaway toys like this mimic a sugar gliders' natural habitat inside of tree hollows and give them multiple nesting areas like in the wild. It's recommended always to have 1 type of "hide" feature for your gliders to curl up inside and have a bit of privacy. Your suggies will absolutely love to explore all of the different textures in this toy set!


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