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If you are searching for a reliable source of sugar gliders for sale in San Antonio, TX, The Pet Glider is one of the leading breeders of sugar gliders. We ship these gorgeous little creatures around the world to the delight of thousands of pet owners who have discovered the joy that they bring.

We have been doing this for over 14 years and in that time have been able to breed them to have a wide variety of color markings. No one else offers such a wide variety of sugar gliders in the San Antonio, Austin, or Houston, TX area.

Our sugar gliders range in colors from the standard grey and white to marvelous mosaics. All are beautiful in their own way – it is just a matter of preference on the owner’s part. No matter the color, they are all healthy and friendly pets who will make you fall in love once you have them in your home.

Below are the pictures and descriptions of the many different colors of sugar gliders for sale in separate categories. We can ship them to you, or you may schedule a visit us personally to get your sugar glider directly from our Houston, TX store. Get the cages and supplies you need to take care of your new pet from us as well.


An Albino sugar glider is one that lacks pigmentation, giving it white fur, very faint (or none at all) markings and red eyes. 

See Albino

Black Beauty

Similar to the Classic color, Black Beauties have extremely dark charcoal markings. They usually have black knuckles and some will have a dark belly as opposed to the white belly.

See Black Beauty


Caramels (Pataurus Breviceps Flavidus) are a different species of sugar gliders than our "standard" Sugar Gliders. They come from Merauke on the island Irian Jaya in Indonesia, and were imported to the United States in 2009.

They have a light caramel color to a light gray, with slightly larger ears adding to an overall slightly larger appearance.  Some have white hands with a little white going up their wrists, and their tails are usually fluffy and generally held in a curled position (although they can straighten them as well).

All of our caramel gliders are 100% pure caramel, meaning that they are not crossed with the other species. 

See Caramels


Classic colored gliders are gray with a black dorsal stripe. The under belly is usually white. Their coloring is striking and a favorite to many. Also called the "wild type" or "standard", it the most common color of a sugar glider in various shades of grey and white.

See Classic


With a cream colored fur, brown markings, and deep ruby eyes, these Cremeinos will capture your heart. 

See Cremeino


Leucistic sugar gliders have all white fur with black eyes. They also have white, or very clear, ears.

See Leucistic


Mosaic sugar gliders come in endless patterns, showing different amounts of white pigment on their body. The patterns and color are random, but that just makes them more unique!

See Mosaic


Piebalds are mosaic sugar gliders that have an unusual patch (or patches) of fur on their body. These are in direct contrast to the mosaic coloring of the sugar glider, and are usually large. This can range from an all black body with a white patch or an all white body with black patch.

See Piebald


Platinum sugar gliders have a light silver (powdered) body with faint, or very light, markings.

See Platinum

Reds & Strawberries

Red sugar gliders have reddish (or strawberry) toned fur. This is a trait and is very uncommon. Red sugar gliders can also have garnet eyes.

See Reds & Strawberries

Ruby Leu / Ruby Plat

A Ruby Leucistic is a Leucistic glider, (all white body) with red eyes. The Ruby Platinum is a Platinum colored glider with red eyes!

See Ruby Leu / Ruby Plat

White Face Blonde

White Face Blondes refers to the lack of a black bar that is normally seen under the standard, Classic, gliders face. 

See White Face Blonde

If you are looking for sugar gliders for sale in the San Antonio, Austin, or Houston, TX area, then look no further than The Pet Glider. We are your one-stop source for everything sugar gliders, cages, supplies, accessories and more!

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