Chicken Feet Snacks



Well, well, well! πŸŽ‰ If you've got dental dilemmas, fret not my friend! πŸ™Œ Our (Dehydrated) Chicken Feet are here to help! 🦷πŸ’ͺ Packed with calcium and minerals, these crunchy snacks will have your sugar bear's teeth saying "cheese"! πŸ“ΈπŸ˜

Your glider will also be ingesting natural collagen found in the cartilage, skin and connective tissues of chicken feet, which aren't present in chicken breast. They can also safely chew on the bone to get even more vitamins and nutrients as the slow dehydration cooking process makes the bones safe to ingest so they can get to the bone marrow!

Feeding dehydrated chicken feet also serves as a form of enrichment in addition to aiding in teeth health! The challenge of chewing through the skin to get through and reach the yummy tendons and bones engages their natural instincts and provides a delightful addition to their environment!Β 

Dehydrated snacks can keep well in open air as long as moisture isn't introduced so it may be left in your gliders cage for a few days. Your gliders will not eat the whole foot in one sitting! It is highly recommended to secure the feet higher up in the cage to prevent gliders from urinating on the treat. You can secure the foot high up in the cage with a treat holder or you can simply get a strip of fleece and tie it to the bars so your gliders can come up and chew on it without taking it to the bottom of their cage.

Secure snack next to a perch so your glider can sit and chew away! Examine the foot every day if left in the cage and remove the treat if it is moist.

Net weight approximately: 32g

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