Basic Pulley Toy



Do you have a certain area in your cage that just seems a bit bare? Maybe a corner, or an area that larger toys would seem to overcrowd? If so, this toy is perfect for that stubborn area!

* At the bottom of this adorable toy you will find a "pulley". Once your suggies discover how to work the pulley slip chain, every night will be a party night! Don’t be surprised if you see the chain leading back into their pouch in the morning - many gliders love to drag the rings all over their cage and even take them to bed with them!

Approx. Dimensions: 2" width x 14" height

This TPG toy is handcrafted by our experienced toy maker, which means we can assure you close attention to detail and safety! Every toy here is made entirely from Sugar Glider safe materials that have been tried and tested within the glider community for years. Disclaimer: Each of our custom handmade toys vary in colors, shape, & sizes


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