Floor Cork Lookout Log Pouch



This Double Lined Pouch is specially made to fit inside of our lookout toys! 

Large Floor Cork Log with Lookout

Extra Large Floor Cork Log with 2 Lookouts 

Giant Floor Cork Log with Lookouts  

You can also simply clip it into the corner of a cage to maximize space!

This Double Lined pouch has an extra layer for comfort, durability, and warmth. A great addition to any of our Floor Cork Log toys! Your furry companions will be able to take a little snooze in the pouches, or use it as a hiding spot during their nightly activities. Our sugar glider pouches have stitches sewn on the inside, making them extra safe to use with your gliders! Fleece tabs on all sides make easy attachment on our Floor Cork Logs (or hang from any part of your cage with the clips included in purchase). We have a variety of colors to choose from to match the current color scheme of your sugar glider cage!


Fleece is the safest material to use for any pet as fleece does not fray (won’t come apart when the fabric is cut) and wicks moisture (liquids will pass through the fleece so it remains dry). 

If you prefer a specific color scheme that is not currently listed, contact us today to request a custom order! We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs


Cleaning Suggestions:

Sugar Gliders are scent based animals and will mark their territory when it doesn't smell like them. Flipping the double lined pouch inside out will maintain their scent but also provide them with a clean space for continued fun! 

You can clean your gliders' fleece products in the laundry machine with a natural, fragrance-free detergent. When cleaning your fleece items, it is best to wait 3-4 days between the cleaning of any other toys in the cage (or washing the cage itself) so that some part of your glider's home still holds their scent. Gliders like to have their scent around them and if you clean everything all at once, this may encourage them to mark their belongings. You can easily avoid over-marking by cleaning different items on a rotational basis!

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