Eucalyptus Chew Sticks



The Chew Sticks come in assorted sizes. The amount of sticks you will receive is based on weight. Sticks can vary in thickness and length but sticks will be no longer than 6 inches.

Sugar Gliders LOVE Eucalyptus, plus it smells wonderful and is part of gliders natural habitat in the wild. A natural chew toy for your gliders that will keep them happy and their teeth healthy as chewing is very important for a gliders oral health.

Net Weight: 2 oz. / 56 g.

Disclaimer: Eucalyptus holds moisture and due to this mold may grow on the sticks, if this happens please wash off all mold before serving them to your gliders. 

For an even fresher eucalyptus product try our Natural organic eucalyptus which is cut and shipped straight from the famer. SHOP NOW


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