Healthy Habitat Spray



Introducing Healthy Habitat Enzymatic Spray – the ultimate solution for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your beloved sugar gliders!

🧼 Clean & Fresh: The Natural Botanical, non-toxic formula effectively eliminates odors and dirt ensuring your pets live in a pristine habitat.

🐾 Pet-Safe: Specially designed to be safe for all pets, including sugar gliders, with no harsh chemicals or harmful residues. Suitable for glass, heat rocks, gravel, artificial plants perches and food water dishes

🌱 Eco-Friendly: Healthy Habitat Spray is biodegradable and safe for immediate use around your pets.

✨ Easy to Use: Simply spray or mist on cages, toys, and other living areas. Wipe clean for an instant fresh and hygienic space.

Food and waste residue can attract various pests, so wipe away those solids and leave a clean neutral scent.

24 fl. oz.

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