Fleece Tray Liner



Fleece Tray Liners are made to be washed weekly or bi-weekly depending on how messy your fur babies are. It's an eco-friendly solution as opposed to throwing away paper tray liners. It also makes your cage very tidy & stylish!

All of our fleece liners are made with a layer of absorption in-between the fleece, allowing liquids to pass through the fleece & staying dry/odorless for many days.

Our Fleece Tray Liners measure 17" x 29" and are made to fit our Luxury Highrise CageMega Luxury Cage and Travel Cage. We also take custom orders depending on the size of your cage tray. Please click here to order your custom fleece tray liners!

E-mail us at sales@thepetglider.com for additional questions or comments.

Machine wash cold, tumble heat low.

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