Pirate Treasure Chests Foraging Toy



These new pirate themed treasure chests are 1.5" wide (twice as large as regular treasure chests!) and come in a set of 2. 

Are you always looking for new ways to exercise your gliders' minds and keep them engaged? Sugar gliders are some really exciting pets! And they sure do have active, curious brains! It can be difficult sometimes to come up with new things for them to play with, but keeping these guys stimulated is crucial to their care in captivity. It's important for us to provide them with toys that stimulate their senses and challenge their minds! One GREAT thing you can do is bury their treats for foraging!

Gliders in the wild are opportunistic feeders (meaning they will scavenge for the most convenient food available) so the have a natural instinct to sniff and search around to see what prized bugs and goodies they may come across! They are high energy animals to support this kind of lifestyle. These little guys thrive when we give them foraging puzzles to explore! Scattering treats around their environment encourages the gliders to "hunt" for their food, keeping their senses sharp and their minds active.

There are countless ways that you can set up enriching foraging obstacles for your sugar bears! These treasure chests can hold a yoggie drop, a mealworm, a piece of cereal, or some other small tasty treat. The chest latches closed very gently so you can place them anywhere in the cage, and when your suggies sniff out the box they can POP it open to enjoy their reward! We also offer a variety of our toys with foraging cup features attached so you can hide treats all around your gliders cage for nightly adventures! You can cycle out the toys in your cage regularly so your suggies will ALWAYS be investigating their surroundings, and on their toes to see where those treats are hidden tonight!!

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