Organic Clover



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Ohhh, let me tell you, these dried organic red Cover flowers are like glider heaven! 🌺 Sprinkle them around and watch your little furballs go wild! They'll be rolling around and searching for treats like flower detectives! 🕵️‍♀️ And hey, some of them might even become fancy interior designers, decorating their pouches with the petals! 🌸

Enrichment time is crucial for stimulating active minds. Our website offers a diverse range of organic, dried flowers 🌺 for you to choose from. Just like people, some gliders may not enjoy certain flowers. Different enrichment items can keep your gliders engaged and curious. Experiment to find what makes them go wild! 🐾🌼

Organic eucalyptus is a real blast to peel back and chew on (an instincts that gliders would use in eucalyptus forests in the wild!) Or try dragging some feathers across the floor during tent time to watch your gliders stalk and pounce. Toy boxes are a real crowd favorite - jam packed with awesome treasures to dig around for and all sorts of little toys to scatter. Get creative at home and see what objects you can use for unique games that your gliders love! 

Extra fun - To make a delightful tea, pour boiling water over these natural flowers 🌺🌸. Let it steep for a few minutes, then strain out the petals. 🍵 Voila! Enjoy a revitalizing cup of organic tea.

Each bag contains .5 oz


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