Organic Chamomile



Dried organic flowers are a fantastic way to treat your gliders to some natural enrichment! Grab a pinch of the dried flower petals and sprinkle them around in the gliders' cage, on a flat surface for bonding activities, or on the floor during regular playtime! Our babies love to roll around in the fun scents and search through the petals to find hidden treats (masking the scent of treats with the flowers makes for some really engaging foraging adventures!) Some gliders will even carry their favorite flowers back to their pouches to build their nest with them.

Enrichment time is so important to keep active minds stimulated. We have a variety of organic, dried flowers on our website for you to choose from. Just like all people do not enjoy all spices, some gliders won't love certain flowers. That's part of the fun with enrichment objects! You are continually providing your gliders with new exciting things to be curious about, which keeps them on their toes and gives them a fun way to engage their senses. Try a variety of different enrichment items to see which ones make your babies go wild!
Organic eucalyptus is a real blast to peel back and chew on (natural instincts that gliders would use in eucalyptus forests in the wild!) Or try dragging some feathers across the floor during tent time to watch your gliders stalk and pounce. Toy boxes are a real crowd favorite - jam-packed with awesome treasures to dig around for and all sorts of little toys to scatter. Get creative at home and see what objects you can use for unique games that your gliders love! 

Extra fun - Since these flowers are all-natural, you can make tea for yourself by pouring boiling water over them! Allow the flowers to steep for a few minutes and then strain the petals out. Voila! An organic, refreshing tea blend.

Each bag contains 1 ounce

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