Orange Blossom Honey Stix

Size: 5 Count


Indulge your sugar gliders with the natural sweetness of our Orange Blossom Honey Stix. Each stick is filled with pure, premium Orange Blossom Honey, perfect for treating your gliders or adding a touch of natural sweetness to their diet, these honey sticks are a delightful way to bond with your pets.

This Orange Blossom honey comes from bees who pollinate orange trees, So no added sugars or artificial ingredients, just the pure, natural sweetness of Orange Blossom honey.

Simply cut the end and let your sugar gliders enjoy the sweet treat directly from the stick.

-Perfect for hand-feeding, creating a special moment between you and your sugar gliders.

-Use honey sticks as a special treat  to encourage good behavior and reinforce bonding.

-Smear a small amount of honey on foraging toys or a eucalyptus toy within their enclosure to stimulate natural foraging and chewing behaviors to provide mental enrichment.

-Drizzle a small amount of honey over their regular food to enhance the taste and give them a little treat.

Colder temperatures may cause honey stix to crystalize, to melt place closed honey stick in warm water.

Honey stix measure about 6.5” in and have 1 Tsp of honey in each stick.


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