2 Pound Combo Pack - Branches & Leaves - Organic Eucalyptus



2-pound Combo Pack: Feeds 5-20 Sugar Gliders

Customers are often surprised to find that their pets like Eucalyptus so much. Did you know that a Sugar Gliders' natural habitat is a Eucalyptus forest? They were actually named "sugar" gliders because of their habit in the wild to peel back the bark on eucalyptus trees and suck the sap that drips from the branches! Suggies love to strip the bark on these fresh eucalyptus branches and chew on the wood. They will nibble at the leaves too but they REALLY like to bring those leaves back to their sleeping pouches! In the wild, this is what they would use to build their nest. Your suggies will absolutely LOVE having some organic Eucalyptus added to their enclosure!

Not to mention, the aroma of Eucalyptus is WONDERFUL to have in your home! Eucalyptus smells great even when the product ages and dries out. You can even use dried Eucalyptus as potpourri!

Eucalyptus is a fantastic way to offer your sugar bears countless hours of entertainment and stimulation! The Pet Glider offers several toys that are handcrafted from eucalyptus branches, so your babies can have even more natural enrichment options available in their cage to play with!

*ORGANIC EUCALYPTUS IS SHIPPED SEPARATELY BY THE EUCALYPTUS FARMER FOR FRESHNESS. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 14 BUSINESS DAYS TO BE DELIVERED FROM THE DAY OF THE ORDER. If you check out with USPS (PRIORITY), FedEx, or UPS shipping on your order, this method will NOT be applied to your Eucalyptus shipment.                          ****DOMESTIC ONLY****  

                            ***CANNOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY***.

*DISCLAIMER: Eucalyptus leaves do not arrive in water so may arrive dry. The leaves are still good, and your gliders may even like them better dry. However, if they seem too dry, let us know and we will replace your order.

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