Platinum Sugar Gliders

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Platinum sugar gliders have a light silver (powdered) body with a light dorsal stripe and markings. The three original lines of platinum are Haley, Silverbelle and Chance platinum. To breed a platinum sugar glider, the joey must have at least one platinum allele to display phenotypically. EX (PLAT, LEU alleles) (PLAT, PLAT alleles) (this second combination is much rarer and can be referred to as a super platinum).

Platinums can carry the Leucistic gene, but Leucistics do not carry the Platinum gene. Platinum sugar gliders can be both the mosaic and platinum at the same time, making them True Platinum Mosaics (called TPM). Typically, a TPM has a white “flash” mosaic marking on its neck and a white or ring tail.

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