Eucalyptus Chubby Chews

Quantity: 3 Chubby Chew


Sugar gliders naturally love to chew and forage, and our Eucalyptus Chubby Chews provide a safe and enjoyable outlet for these behaviors. Your gliders will enjoy stripping the little pieces of bark, providing another form of enrichment in their cage. You can also place some rounds in your gliders' toy boxes to provide a variety of scents and textures during playtime, making it a more fulfilling and satisfying play experience. Providing other objects for chewing can help your glider divert their attention away from chewing plastic toys and expensive wheels!

These chews are large enough to not fall through cage bars and can be washed with mild soap and warm water, RINSE AND DRY THOROUGHLY.

This is a natural product that is cut by hand, so the size of individual chews varies.
Diameter: 1" - 1.5"
Height: 0.75" - 1"

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