Bulk box of cork bark

Size: 1 lb


Are your gliders in love with their all natural cork toys? I'm sure they are! Are you a crafty suggie-parent who wants to make your own toys? Or maybe you just want extra cork to scatter around for your gliders to enjoy!  Either way, you've come to the right place. Try breaking off pieces small enough for your gliders to hold and add them into their toy box!

Introducing our NEW bulk cork packages! Available in 1lb, 2lb, and 5lb size options to suite your specific needs. This cork is the exact same all natural cork that we use to make our famous TPG toys! We guarantee the absolute safest materials because we care about your sweet babies. 

Pesticide free - Organic - 100% pet safe Cork Bark!

Disclaimer: Cork is a natural product. Each cork piece will be unique in shape & size. Bundle cork boxes will be a random variety of cork pieces.


                           ***CANNOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY***

Cleaning Recommendations: When you first receive your Cork Bark, you will notice some dirt and potentially some small broken pieces in the bottom of the box. This is a 100% natural product and this is to be expected. Your cork has been cleaned once with non-toxic cleaner, but please feel free to clean it before use as well. We use a solution of 1 part water to 1 part to vinegar with one teaspoon of blue Dawn in a spray bottle. Let the solution soak on the toy, scrub and rinse well. We recommend setting outside to dry. You may also perform this cleaning method as part of regular cage maintenance.

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