Finding a Perfect Match: Sugar Glider Companions

Native to the lush rainforest of Indonesia and Australia, sugar gliders are one of the most popular exotic pets. These small marsupials belong to the same family as the Koala Bear and the Kangaroo but have a gliding membrane, the patagium, that allows them to glide from one point to another. Due to their penchant for all things sweet and their gliding ability, these cuddly animals were aptly called “sugar gliders”.

Why Get a Sugar Glider?

Just like any other pet, there are a number of considerations if you are planning to get a sugar glider in Austin, TX. Care, nutrition, maintenance, and environment are just a few things to think about, but what most people are unaware of is that, with proper education,  sugar gliders are actually easy to take care of. There are various advantages to having a sugar glider:


Sugar gliders are only an average of 5 to 7 inches long once fully grown and are approximately 6 ounces in weight. After they bond with you, they can snuggle along with you in special pouches, ride around on your shoulder, and be a great pint-sized part of the family.

Low Maintenance

You don’t need to worry about vaccinations as sugar gliders are not carriers of any known disease. Other common pet ailments don’t apply to gliders so there is minimal need for veterinarian care aside from the health check-ups. No grooming is required and these cute gliders are very clean.  As long as you keep their environment clean, they’re going to be happy and healthy!

Great Behavior

Well-trained and closely-bonded sugar gliders exhibit a wonderful temperament. They are fun to watch and will entertain the whole family with their acrobatics coupled with high intelligence. When it comes to loyalty, these small pets have a big heart and will stay close to their human companion. After welcoming your gliders home and bonding with them, they can have a wonderful relationship with the entire family.

From the Leading Breeder

Trust only licensed and respectable breeders when searching for sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. Here at The Pet Glider LLC, we breed and raise our sugar gliders in healthy and affectionate environment. You can be sure that our pet-friendly sugar  gliders are at the peak of health and will be a loving companion for years.

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