"Touch of Pink" Leafy Gourd

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Our Leafy Gourd toy is a fantastic hideout option where your gliders can enjoy a peaceful getaway and chew chew chew on that natural structure around them! Each of our gourds is pesticide free, all natural, and 100% sugar glider safe. Your babies are total welcome to chew away at the gourd’s interior and exterior! 
The closed-off feeling mimics the favorite spot of wild sugar gliders--a tree hollow. It's pretty common to discover some adorable suggies snuggled up inside their gourd in the morning; this is the perfect glider hideaway or nesting area! The leafy vines around the gourd create the look and feeling of really hiding out in the forest! But the excitement doesn’t end here.. We've also added two foraging cups at the bottom for guaranteed sugar bear excitement as they sniff around for those hidden treats! What glider wouldn’t love to have this awesome piece added to their home? 

This adorable custom gourd has a touch of unique pink charms added into the vines, as well as rainbow highlights in the leaves! If you take a look at the bottom, our regular foraging cups have also been replaced with gourd cups that your gliders can also chew on! What's not to love??

*Foraging cups are great features to hide some of your gliders' favorite treats in. Scattering treats around their environment encourages the gliders to "hunt" for their food, keeping their senses sharp and their curious minds active! Sugar gliders in the wild are opportunistic-feeding omnivores, so this hunting behavior is something they naturally look to engage.

Approximate dimensions: 10" Width x 14" Height. Cutout hole is 3" in diameter.

This TPG toy is handcrafted by our experienced toy maker, which means we can assure you close attention to detail and safety! Every toy here is made entirely from Sugar Glider safe materials that have been tried and tested within the glider community for years.