Summer Snack Bundle



Summer is here, and so is the ultimate treat for your sugar gliders! Our Summer Snack Bundle is packed with a delightful mix of flavors and textures that will keep your gliders happy all season long.  Check out what’s inside:

🐟 Smelt: A savory snack that's protein-packed and perfect for nibbling. 🌿 Trail Mix: A crunchy blend of nutritious goodies for a well-rounded snack. 🍇 Blueberry Blitz: Bursting with sweetness and antioxidants. 🥭 Papaya: A tropical delight to bring a taste of paradise to their cage. 🍬 Marshmallow Bits: Bite-sized pieces for a sweet bonding treat. 🍓 Strawberry Honey Stix: A fruity and honey-infused treat for extra indulgence.

This bundle is designed to keep your gliders entertained and nourished, making snack time a fun and flavorful experience. Whether they're foraging for marshmallow bits or savoring the taste of papaya, every snack is an adventure! Your gliders will have a blast sampling all of the different flavors you have to offer them.

Summer Snack Bundle contains Honeystix 1 stick, Marshmallow bits 2g, Blueberry blitz 2g, Trail mix 6g, Papaya 6g, Smelt 3g.


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