Fleece Rope Toy

Fleece Rope Toy

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This Fleece Rope toy is a great piece to mimic a natural sugar glider habitat in your cage! Gliders in the wild will run through the treetops, jumping from branch to branch and clinging onto vines. Suggies kept as pets really enjoy the opportunity to exercise these same dexterity skills! Our Fleece Rope toy is the perfect "vine" for your little guys. With a C-clip located in the middle, you can fix this rope at 3 different anchor points and run the 2 sides in different directions across your cage. You can move those points around continually to create a new obstacle course whenever you want and keep your gliders interest peaked!

Are you setting up a new cage for your suggies? Check out our 4 piece cage set for a great combo package with a Fleece Rope toy included! Our cage sets come with 4 fleece items that will make a great starter pack for setting up any new cage. Included are:
- A Fleece Bridge toy
- A Trampoline toy
- A Fleece Rope toy
- And a unique sleeping pouch that is only available in the cage sets (double lined pouch with a braided cinch rope feature)

Approximate Dimensions: 62" Length
Colors will vary! Please leave your preferences in the comments at checkout and we will do our best to get you a rope that matches your cage! 

Cleaning Suggestions:
You can clean your gliders' fleece products in the laundry machine with a natural, fragrance-free detergent. When cleaning your fleece items, it is best to wait 3-4 days before or after cleaning any other toys in the cage (or washing the cage itself). Gliders like to have their scent around them and if you remove their scent from everything all at once, this may encourage your gliders to mark their belongings. You can easily avoid over-marking by cleaning different items on a rotation!