Rabbit Food - Pelleted Diet



Your rabbits will be dancing with delight for dinnertime with this flavor filled formula! Diet base of Timothy Hay provides high fiber as well as lower protein and calcium for optimal nutrition of rabbits in any life stage. Developed to support nutritional health and regular chewing habits. Contains yucca shidigera extract to reduce ammonia odors, probiotics, natural source of vitamin E, flaxseed, and stabilized Vitamin C which remains active longer than traditional vitamin C. Nutritionally complete rabbit food, no supplements are needed when feeding this diet. Made in the USA
  • Provide Rabbit Diet free-feed to all life stages of rabbits.
  • Supplemental food items may be provided, but should not make up more than 10% of the diet. 
  • Care should be taken to choose appropriate supplemental food items based on the current life stage of your rabbit.
    • Mature or older rabbits might benefit more from food items with lower calcium.
    • Growing, gestating, or lactating animals could benefit from food items with higher amounts of calcium and protein.
    • Rabbits maintained in breeding colonies generally benefit from a diet with energy dense food items

Sold in 32oz (2lb) bag. Store sealed in cool, dry area. Diet is good for 1 year from manufacturing date. Freezing is okay and may extend freshness. Adhering to "Best By" date on package

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