Pet Odor Exterminator Candles

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Style: Evergreen & Berries
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Pet Odor Exterminator products contain natural enzymes that help to exterminate odor from the surrounding atmosphere! The enzymes absorb the odor from their surroundings into the product, then break down the odor’s compound structure, and evaporate the by-product in the form of a clean, natural gas.

Unlike other "odor eliminating products”, these candles don't just mask odors but destroy them, and leave behind an amazing scent for you to enjoy! Made from a blend of paraffin and soy nontoxic wax, with a zinc wick which will ensure a cleaner and longer burn time (apx 70hrs).


Will these candles irritate my sugar gliders? Sugar gliders are sensitive to strong scents, therefore, The Pet Glider does not recommend burning any brand of candles in the same room as your gliders. We do back the Pet Odor Exterminator brand, though, in it’s effectiveness to eliminate pet odors! This is absolutely our recommendation if you decide to burn candles in other areas of the home. 

Are the candles safe to burn around my other pets? Yes! Pet Odor Exterminator candles are designed specifically for use in homes with pets, and they are burned in many veterinary offices around the country.  


Be sure to keep your wick properly trimmed and always burn candles in a well ventilated room. As with any new products, monitor pets for sensitivity. Do not use if you or your pets tend to be sensitive to perfumes or smoke. 

Do not burn candles in the same room as sugar gliders or other caged animals.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.  

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